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Printing Trends To Look Out For In 2020
Printing Trends To Look Out For In 2020
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Change is a factor of life and it surely spreads through our printing industry as well, Normal prints and dyes are no longer cutting it, clients are having different demands and we find ourselves having to respond quickly lest we are thrown out to the streets. Similarly, with the printing industry, it is no longer just about normal prints and dies.

Print and digital are in a sanctioned marriage and below, we try to outline how the various adoptions and practices making this a possibility.

Tech Advancement:

The world is more tech adept than ever, and this calls for printers to adopt new techniques of handling competition and meeting demands of the clients. By adopting tech, the printing industry would experience more advanced devices resulting in an easier overall workflow. Even technology leaders are looking to add more functions to such devices.

Client Security

With the levels of data mining currently in play, the printing industry is investing in technology that requires ID scanning to collect classified documents. This is because client security is one of the major factors taking a front seat in many organizations.

Tech is destined to make printing faster and more secure.


According to customer think, In order to serve the trend, the development of inkjet solutions has taken place. It serves the commercial print, packaging and label markets. These are cost-effective, delivers speed, and quality that the market needs to capitalize on this expansion trend and to grow their businesses. In the coming months, we would be experiencing more of these solutions fulfilling greater expansion needs.


New service provision is all about convenience and time-saving. This is where digitizing comes into play. Document capture. With the digitized stored document, it becomes easy to send, share, find information. Automated workflow processes that can link customers to the systems would also grow as these allow users to work remotely and continue printing through whichever device they need.

 Creativity And Simplicity Rule All

Creativity rules all. The conservative and traditional way of working around prints is out of the window and those can adapt to the clients’ words with a unique sense of creativity are on top.

Lest we forget, simplicity is beauty. The more sophisticated the design gets, the more likely the chances that it will be discarded. Gone are the days when we wanted traditional prints filled with elements.


Just as everyone is doing away with the tasteless and emotionless communication ways, so is Printing. Personalizing gives your work a fresh touch, one the clients can relate with. Techniques like custom poster printing, personalized flyers, product designer tools will give your print marketing that supposed edge. What about providing them freedom and an open canvas with which they can create a whole new version of your products? This freedom can be provided with the use of a proper product designer tool which can easily integrate with your e-store.



The above are proving real groundbreaking trends causing huge influence in our industry of printing. They are bound to cause a major shift in production and in the end reducing operational costs.